9 November 2019

Build Resistance not Walls

A Reader for a World without Walls

Edited by the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall)

Table of Contents

Editorial words, Stop the Wall

About the Contributors

An overview, Maren Mantovani

Walls, Vijay Prashad

Perspectives on the walls in Palestine

Palestine: A laboratory for Israeli militarized wallsRiya Alsanah and Hala Marshood

Israel’s national strategy – more than ever built on walls, Jamal Juma’

Gaza in a world without walls, Haidar Eid

On the wall and nature: The ongoing Israeli war on the Palestinian environment, Ramzy Baroud and Romana Rubeo

Ana Sumud: I am steadfastness, Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian

The US wall at the Mexico border

Interview: When there is respect, no walls are needed, Soledad Ortiz

The physical and mental walls of Israel and the United States over Palestine and Mexico, Gilberto Conde

Nation of Walls: colonialism, racism, and walls in the United States, Khury Petersen-Smith

The U.S. Border Patrol and an Israeli military contractor are putting a Native American reservation under “PERSISTENT surveillance, Will Parrish

The European walls

Caravan Opening Borders: Ceuta and Melilla, Oli Oliva

More struggle, more resistance and solidarity with migrants!, Khadija Ainani

The porter women: The dispossessed of Spain’s border, Mohamed Merabet

Necropolitics, migrations and the European Union, Juan Hernández Zubizarreta

Decolonizing the discourse on migration, Lorraine Leete

The Wall of Time in the Moria Camp in Lesbos, Oli Oliva

The politics and industry behind the European walls, Mark Akkerman

Walls: more than frontiers of the empire

The Moroccan wall in Western Sahara, a silent crime, Mahfud Mohamed Lamin Bechri

Interview: If they globalize the way they kill us, we globalize our struggle!, Gizele Martins

The walls of the territory called Argentina, German Romano

Aporofobia: the ideological wall of the third millennium, Diego Battistessa

Integration at gunpoint, Mirza S Bég

Castes: not just walls, Anand Teltumbde

The Abolitionist Dream: Breaking down the prison walls, Thriving for Freedom

The walls surround us…soon they will fall, Friends of the Earth – Brazil

Experiences building a World without Walls

The call for a World without Walls

World Without Walls delegation statement of commitment to joint struggle with the Palestinian people

Local and international struggles against the Walls of Infamy for a World Without Walls, Daniela Gonzáles López

The globalisation of border control and peoples’ resistance, Monica Vargas

Joint statement for a World without Walls from European Palestine solidarity and migrants rights groups and networks